Sessão do Equinócio do Outono

Hoje reúne-se sob a presidência do nosso Ilustrissimo Grão-Mestre, Irmão Paulo Cardoso, a Assembleia Geral da Grande Loja Unida de Portugal em sessão do Equinócio de Outono. Os obreiros e o Venerável Mestre da Loja Sun Yat Sen n.o 8 saúdam os Irmãos reunidos e formulam votos de grandes progressos nos trabalhos e crescimento da nossa Obediência em unidade, harmonia e compreensão.

O Venerável Mestre, A.M.Gonçalves

22 setembro

Message of the Grand Secretary of the United Grand Lodge of Portugal

MQI e VM da R.’.L.’.  S Y S (n. 8),
Em nome do Respeitabilíssimo G:’. M.’. I.’. Paulo Cardoso – bem como de todos os Obreiros da GRANDE LOJA UNIDA DE PORTUGAL – um forte e Fraterno Abraço Solidário pela devastação causada por esse sinistro MANGKHUT.
Esperamos e desejamos que todos os NN.’. QQ.’. II.’. dessa Respeitável Loja S Y S, e respetivas Famílias, tenham passado incólumes.
Como sabes, no próximo sábado dia 22 estaremos reunidos em Sessão de Grande Loja e, na Cadeia de União, não vos esqueceremos.

Entretanto, permitimos desejar-vos um excelente A.’. M.’. 6018/6019.
Forte Tríplice Abraço Fraterno do
António Vilela
Grande Secretário | Grand Secretary

Grand Orient of São Paulo decrees independence



The Grand Orient of São Paulo decrees independence of the Grand Orient of Brazil (Federal). The unusual decision was decided in a general assembly of the Obedience that reunited a significant number of lodges of the state of São Paulo. The Brazil is the only country in the world where the Grand Lodges (called Grand Orients) are federated in a National Grand Orient. The United States’ freemasonry has always safeguarded the independence of State Grand Lodges. There is a Confederation of Grand Lodges but it is an interstate cooperative platform which has no disciplinary authority over the State Grand Lodges. Although the Grand Orient of Brazil withdraw the recognition of Grand Orient de São Paulo this Grand Orient maintains its international recognition namely from the United Grand Lodge of England and other international Obediences. The Grand Orient of Brazil tried to invalidated the São Paulo’s decision on the courts but the ruling was negative for its purposes. The court ruled that the Grand Orient of São Paulo and the Grand Orient of Brazil are in fact two independent entities with their own statutes and there is no claim for the federal Obedience to nulify the decision of the state Obedience. The cause of the litigation lays down in the refusal of Grand Orient of Brazil to accept to the recent elections to Grand Master (national) the candidate porpose by São Paulo.


The issue of transgenderism and Freemasonry


Australian members of an ancient, all-male institution are threatening to quit the secret society amid discussion that transgender women will remain members.
Freemasons is a large fraternal organisation sprawled across the world that claims to empower ‘personal development’ among its members.
There is now discussion to implement a ‘gender reassignment’ policy in Australia which would allow a transgender women to remain a Freemason if she joined as a man.

The policy also extends to men who have lived as women.
The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) has already implemented the policy in the UK and there are calls for Australian Freemasons to follow suit, despite there being no overarching governing body for the organisation.
The UGLE released a document that said members are expected to act with ‘kindness and tolerance’ in matters related to gender transition.

The current orientation of the United Grand Lodge of England towards the admission of women into lodges is a frontal violation of the Constitutions of Anderson which clear states the proibition of admission of women in men’s lodges. This has been, along the ages, a clear signal distinction of regular Freemasonry towards other forms of organization of the fraternity. They exist, they have their own rational but any divergence of the sosaid principles puts in jepardy the organization of lodges and the legality of their works.

Lodge Sun Yat Sen No. 8 is against the abhoring of the principle of masculinity in Lodges and therefore will not allow the visiting of women to our works, even if they turn to be men.

Resume of works

Lodge Sun Yat Sen No.8, located at the Orient of Macau, subordinated to the United Grand Lodge of Portugal resumes its activities next week. Any Brother from a fellow Obedience is mostly welcome to our meetings. An email of request should be sent to the secretary of the Lodge to The Lodge works in the York Rite, one of three official rites represented in the United Grand Lodge of Portugal. Although our Grand Lodge is Portuguese this Lodge works in English. We acknowledge that there are French, Australian and Brazilian Brethren in the surrounding areas so we invite them to come and see how Freemasonry is practiced with us. Macau