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Freemasonry (values)

(Excerpt from a book by L.N. Carvalho) “Freemasonry is an human organization, of free men with good report. Freemasonry receive the good men, to turn them into better men.… Fremasonry works to the Glory of the Great” Architect of the … Continue reading

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The masonic response to hate and extremism

The recent atacks on Paris have awaken an enormous surge of solidarity worldwide. Different Masonic Obediences had manifested their sorrow and revolt about those bloody events and the lost of almost two hundred human lifes, in those hiddious acts. Religion … Continue reading

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Rites and Rituals

A rite is a formal act, and a ritual is a set order for the carrying out of rites. They are techniques for increasing the efficency of communication and serve to create a network of ties between diffeerent members of … Continue reading

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­The Challenges that Freemasonry faces (A.M.A. Gonçalves)

The openness of the modern society, the demand for transparency and accountability in every institution, the proximity of media, and the awareness of citizens pose enormous challenges to contemporary freemasonry. In Anglophone countries the history of Freemasonry combines with the … Continue reading

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Freemasonry in China and Macau

by A.M.A. Gonçalves, Installed Master, 32d Degree AASR Preface The emergence of freemasonry in China in the 19th century has been reported as a British innovation, coming from an historical conflict, the Opium War, that involved Great Britain and China … Continue reading

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