Faith is the substance of things hope for, the evidence of things not seen.
By faith Abraham, when he was tried, offered is only-begotten son.
By faith the children of Israel forsook, Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king; by faith, they passed through the Red Sea as by dry land, which the Egyptians essaying to do, were drowned.
By faith, the walls of Jericho fell down, after they were compassed about seven days.
Faith subdueth kingdoms, worketh righteousness, obtained promises, stoppeth the mouths of lions.
By faith, a steady course we steer
Through ruffling storms and swelling seas;
By faith, we pass the vale of tears
Safe and secure, though oft distressed;
By faith, subdue the king of fears,
And go rejoicing to our rest.
[From an old ritual of the 18th Degree of the Scottish Rite]


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The Northeast Corner

The northeast corner is the traditional location of the cornerstone or foundation stone of a building. Both the stone and its location signify a beginning. The Entered Apprentice is placed at this point, midway between the darkness of the North and the brilliance of the East, to signify that he has begun his Masonic life. He has left the darkness of the North, which symbolizes lack of knowledge of the Masonic life,
and is moving toward the light of knowledge that comes from the East. The Entered Apprentice has laid the foundation stone of his Masonic life, and must now build his character from the light of the teachings that come from the East.29543289_1424843327622391_6624340462662876788_n.jpg

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Arnaud Beltrame

Paris, le 24 mars 2018 La Grande Loge de France rend hommage à son Frère, le lieutenant-colonel Arnaud Beltrame C’est avec une grande émotion que les Frères de la Grande Loge de France ont appris aujourd’hui le décès de leur Frère, le lieutenant-colonel Arnaud Beltrame,… Cet article la GLDF rend hommage à Arnaud Beltrame est…

via la GLDF rend hommage à Arnaud Beltrame —

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The Principle

The Principle and Primordial Goal of the United Grand Lodge of Portugal is the Regularity, through the recovery of the Landmarks, as well as of the principles and values ​​of Regular Freemasonry in all its virtue. It is important to remember that in its genesis there are many Freemasons who were responsible for the establishment of Regular Freemasonry in Portugal. Therefore, the United Grand Lodge of Portugal works on the scrupulous fulfillment of the Landmarks of Regular Masonry and respecting the ancient traditions of the Masons, being custodian of their traditions throughout the ages.
Paulo Cardoso, Grand Master22815577_1566408773397825_7035050564370154903_n

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A living lodge

“Masonry does not have to stop when the lights turn of and the gavel sounds. Masons walk around in the same world as everyone else. The difference is, we have been taught how to view it. We all, as Masons, have an idea of our mission. Mine is to make the world a living lodge. I challenge you to define yours.”
Gregory Farris

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