The Masonic Pageant (Supreme Council 33d)

After more than a century of being largely ignored in print, Scottish Rite Freemasons in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the U.S. can finally rejoice. After well over a year of a twisting path to publication, it has officially been announced that The Masonic Pageant: The Scottish Rite Degrees of the Supreme Council, NMJ by Illus. Frank Conway, 33° is finally being released in late summer 2017.

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Scottish Rite Cathedral of the Los Angeles Valley went through renovation

Frank Lloyd Wright famously wrote, “Noble life demands a noble architecture for noble uses of noble men. Lack of culture means what it has always meant: ignoble civilization and therefore imminent downfall.” Freemasons of the 20th century certainly agreed with that sentiment. It could be argued that we kicked it off with a bang in the late 1890s with the Chicago Masonic Temple, which was the tallest building in the world for the moment. We kept at it up into the 1960s, which was maybe the sputtering end of the era when we still Thought Big, dreamed great dreams, and put our money where our dreams were.

Thursday’s edition of Time Out Los Angeles featured a story about another treasure of our fraternity lost to us, but saved and preserved by the outside world: the former Scottish Rite Cathedral of the Los Angeles Valley.

The Cathedral originally opened in 1961, and was designed by famed mid-century LA architect Millard Sheets. It eventually became home to more than 11,000 Scottish Rite Masons by 1974. Almost ironically, it closed for all intents and purposes in 1994 – perhaps appropriately just 33 years after it opened. It was a victim of plunging membership, finances, Baby Boomer demographics, the changing American culture, NIMBY neighbors, and zoning regulations.
Via Freemasonry for Dummies Los Angeles Temple
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Franc-Maçonnerie n.o 56

The dossier of this issue is dedicated to the pomp of imperial masonry: (…) Weakened during the long revolutionary period, with the closure of workshops and the setting aside of others, she [Freemasonry] new a spectacular explosion during the Empire. This transition from shadow to light was made in record time: in the space of eight years, from 1804 to 1812, 800 lodges were created, distributed in the great French Empire, which then extended from Italy to the present-day Netherlands, passing by the banks of the Adriatic. (…) says Jean-Marc Vésinet in his editorial titled “A Golden Age? “.

Via FMM56

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Class and Race


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Macron, Freemasonry and conspiratory theories

MacronIl aura suffi que le nouveau Président de la République Emmanuel Macron prononce le soir de son élection son discours devant la pyramide du Louvre en écartant les bras pour que les sites anti-maçonniques s’enflamment, sites largement relayés par certains maçons eux-mêmes … Il aura…


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The Illinois Lodge of Research

Illinois LodgeEvery once in awhile, I see Freemasonry heading in the right direction with a perfect clarity of purpose.  Saturday, May 6th was one of those days.  The Illinois Lodge of Research, which has for the most part been dormant for a very long time, is coming back out into the education realm again under the leadership of their new Master (and my friend) Jim Tome.  Jim has been at the forefront of a few efforts to make Masonic education a priority for our members.  He’s also the current MEGHP of Illinois, and has been instrumental in helping us establish our research and education based Royal Arch Chapter, Admiration Chapter–along with several state-wide efforts including improvements to the Royal Arch publications…..

Todd E. Creason

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AG-SYS - Copy[In English, Tagalo, French, Chinese and Portuguese]
It is my privilege to anounce as Master of Lodge Sun Yat Sen that our lodge has become a just, perfect and regular lodge according to the rules and traditions of speculative freemasonry. The purposes of the founders that aim to found a regular lodge in Macau respecting the traditions departing from the Constitutions of Anderson were achieved. We welcome Brothers of other constituencies that visit Macau to join us in our monthly meetings usually happening at the second thursday of the month. Please send a message to The Light has returned and shines throughout the skies. AMAG, W:.M:.

Ito ay aking pribilehiyo na ipahayag bilang Master ng Sun Yat Sen Lodge,na ang aming lodge ay isa ng perpekto at regular na lodge sangayon sa patakaran at tradisyon ng speculative freemasonry.Ang layunin ng mga nagtatag nito ang magkaroon ng regular na lodge sa macau na iginagalang ang tradisyon ang Constitutions of Andersdon ay nakamit na. Amin pong tinatangap ang mga Brothers na nagmula sa ibang constituencies na bumisita sa macau at dumalo sa aming buwanang meeting tuwing ikalawang huwebes ng bawat buwan.
Mag padala lang po kyo ng mensahe sa,
The Light has returned and shines throughout the skies.
AMAG, W:.M:.”

J’ai l’honneur d’annoncer comme maître de Lodge Sun Yat Sen que notre pavillon est devenu un pavillon juste, préfet et régulier selon les règles et les traditions de la franc-maçonnerie spéculative. Les buts des fondateurs qui visent à trouver un pavillon régulier à Macao concernant les traditions qui partent des Constitutions d’Anderson ont été réalisés. Nous accueillons les frères des autres circonscriptions qui visitent Macao pour nous rejoindre lors de nos réunions mensuelles qui se déroulent habituellement au deuxième jeudi du mois. Veuillez envoyer un message à La Lumière est revenue et brille à travers les cieux. AMAG, W: .M :.

請發郵件至。光已經回到了整個天空。 AMAG,W:.M:..

Tenho a honra de anunciar como mestre da Loja Sun Yat Sen que a nossa Loja se tornou justa, prefeita e regular de acordo com as regras e tradições da Maçonaria Especulativa. Foram realizados os objectivos dos fundadores de criar uma Loja em Macau de acordo com as tradições que veem das Constituições de Anderson. São bem vindos os irmãos de outros Obediências que visitem Macau para participarem nas nossas reuniões mensais que têm lugar geralmente na segunda quinta-feira do mês. Por favor, enviem uma mensagem para A Luz voltou a brilhar nos céus. AMAG, W:.M:.

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