Our Lodge and Values (Updated)

On May 21, 2014, five masons from various lodges around the world came together over dinner and decided that the time was right to establish a Regular Lodge in Macau.  Until such time that membership is sufficient to hold a full quorum, the Sun Yat Sen Lodge will remain an installation lodge independent from any Regular Grand Lodge but obeying to the Landmarks of Regular Freemasonry, namely: 1. That a Mason must profess a belief in a Supreme Being; 2. That the Volume of the Sacred Law is an essential and indispensable part of the lodge, to be open in full view of the brethren when the lodge is at labor; 3. That a Mason must be male, free-born and of mature age; 4. Tother conshat a Mason, by his tenure, owes allegiance to the Sovereign and to the Craft; 5. That a Mason believes in the immortality of the soul.

On May 2017, the Lodge celebrates its third anniversary seeing the ranks filled with new Brothers, some of them initiated here, others coming from other constituencies. On April 2017 the Lodge as become a perfect and just Lodge as the landmark number of seven Master Masons was achieved.

 As a place where all people from various backgrounds, professions and cultural diversities come together, Macau represents the perfect union of fraternity, intellectual pursuit and diversity, which are the cornerstones of Freemasonry.  Where everyone is a brother, willing to dedicate himself to the betterment of humanity through charitable deeds and social engagement.  No man will ever stand as tall as when he leans down to help a child.  As master masons, we pledge to honour that statement and will pursue various avenues to help make Macau a better place for everyone.  We invite you to make that same pledge and to join us in fraternal union and friendship.

Freemasonry is also a place of gathering, of non discrimination. .The universality of Freemason can not be in question by political, clan or sectarian reasons. Brothers of this Lodge have fraternal relations with Chinese and other Asian Brothers living in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and so forth. They are proud of that. 

We represent one of the world’s oldest secular fraternal societies. We are a society of men concerned with moral and spiritual values, using ritual dramas to remind us of our origins and help dedicate ourselves to the future.  We are open to men of all races and religions, who are of good repute, honorable and dedicated to the three great principles of brotherly la ove, charity and truth. 

If you are of similar convictions, then why not join us and help to make this a better world! Send us an email to sec.syslodge@gmail.com



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