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How Freemasonry works

It needs to be. One of the good things that Freemasonry has, as an Order, is the door open. To come inside one need to knock at the door and pass through an enquiry and afterward being approved in a … Continue reading

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Is Freemasory an International Organization?

Freemasonry exists throughout the world. However, each Grand Lodge or Grand Orient is sovereign and independent. There is no international governing body for Freemasonry. Traditionally the United Grand Lodge of England had some sort of symbolical authority over deist Freemasonry. … Continue reading

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Thoughts for 2016

Three or four thoughts for 2016. First Freemasonry is alive and incorporate, in every location, a facies aligned to the traditions of the society and distinctive cultures. In some societies, FM is more open and society-driven. In others more circumspect … Continue reading

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