The GLNF and the GODF get together for the second time to exchange views in subjects that we Freemasons cherish much. It is an initiative heartily welcome. The deist and the liberal Freemasonries are simply two ways, usually divergent, to search the same goal – the perfection of man and human society. Regular Freemasonry has, somehow, closed itself in the last years within the ritualistic tradition, perpetuating ways to perform the Royal Art that had their “flagrance” before, but that is questioned today by the ageing of members, the closing of Temples and the difficulties to attract younger generations that find somewhere else the fascination that their forefathers found within Freemasonry. Liberal Freemasonry is growing in number of members and Lodges and is well aware of the new realities, such as feminine Freemasonry the and social causes;  sometimes it looses its way and becomes the battleground of political biased struggles, and rough anticlericalism when Freemasonry is demanded to be proactively neutral and non-biased. This is a good opportunity to debate as they are [and we are all] Brothers, initiates and warriors of the Light. The other issues are just exhibitions of pride. GLNF-GODF

The masonic response to hate and extremism

The recent atacks on Paris have awaken an enormous surge of solidarity worldwide. Different Masonic Obediences had manifested their sorrow and revolt about those bloody events and the lost of almost two hundred human lifes, in those hiddious acts. Religion was invoked by the jihadists to sustain those attacks. It was clear then, and even before, that the aims were political and foresee the creation of an Islamic Empire departing from the Middle East. Am empire unified under a sole religion, a system of moral called Sharia and the demolition of the secular society. Freemasonry, as an instituton and Order, does not pronounce itself about political matters but among its founding principles are the combat for freedom, progress and knowledge and the fight against obscurity, hatred, and discimination whatever may be the forms they may assume. Today is no different then centuries before, when Freemasons stand up against the curtain of dogmatism and repression that Catholicism and other sects in the Protestant movement aim to impose to those who look to advance science and knowledge. Some remarkable freemasons were part of that movement like John Téophiles Desagiliers, The Mongolfier Brothers, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Boyle, Christopher Wren and so many others.  Europe as a continent and as an idea has been formed around a couple of principles and values that may it singular, an oasis of concordia in a world where prejudice and autoritarianism subsist in so many forms. Europe is a place of inclusion of welcoming those that for some reason leave their countries by fear and look for a peaceful port to rest and start a new life. But Europe cannot transform itself into a dark reality that those militants of hate and destruction look to transform her. Freemasonry, as such, supports legal and constitutional measures that consolidate the Rule of Law, the defense of public liberties, but also secure the day-by-day of the European citizens. Security is also an European value. We cannot allow that religious temples and congregations are transformed into pulpits of hate, racism and extremism. There are limits to the liberty of religion. Those who preach these radical and extremist ideas and values have no place among ourselves. This is the spirit of the sword of Light that we hold as Warriors of the Light as the most dearest of our symbols. In this new battle Light will defeat darkness. Whatever it takes.