Hope: the role of Freemasonry


Freemasonry has been a cause of hope for many people along the years. The Craft has pursued a lasting battle against tyranny and oppression, giving sense to the struggle of men to become free from the chains of servitude. It took position side by side the weak against the powerful and adverted Kings and Princes that their mandates have limits and among them were the natural rights of the ruled. It emphasised the rights of the peoples against imperialisms that arrogate themselves  to be the only ones that were entitled by divine right to decide and determine the future of nations. In every battle against obscurity and superstition, Freemasonry was present and active. Freemasonry never hated religion has a system of belief and institution but had made clear that religion cannot be a pretext to put the majority aside for the benefit of a few, the ‘chosen ones’.  In the fields of art, music and discoveries the Craft was also active and so many great minds gave enormous contributions to the world we live and the progress that we enjoy. There are no free lunches and some of our Brothers paid with their lives the challenges they face against the dark powers of their times. They are our martyrs, and references in the progressive cause of humanity.

What role has Freemasonry to perform in the years ahead is the one million question. Most probably to honour the courage of our ancestors, of the men who made the Craft what it is today. To continue to fight for the values of liberty, equality and fraternity that made it distinctive in the past. The battle of liberty has a new focus, a new complexity, as in any place in the world were the rights of men are trampled, Freemasonry should raise its voice and say ‘enough’. Freemasonry does not wish to become a focus of turbulence in societies that give short credit to the value of liberty but it encourages the efforts of moderates and pragmatic to overcome those restrictions.

Freemasonry encourages peaceful political transitions but never avoided to confront those who retain power for the sake of keeping power and enlarging it. Freemasons were in the past active members of revolutions. They prepare, promote and made them. In the British colonies of America, in the Spanish colonies of Latin America, in the Philippines, Freemasons were the freedom fighters. There is no reason why in new battle stages, Freemasonry excuses itself to have an active role. We should always be where are the weak and the unprotected. It is not a question of partisanship but of a correct interpretation of the world and its challenges and crisis.

Of course there were always those who see Freemasonry has a more decorative institution, a club of old men with little occupation. But these represent the past and are condemned to disappear. The future belong to those who are innovative and active, sewn with the drifts of our age.