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Lancaster Lodge [Portugal] receives visitors

Lancaster Lodge is an English Lodge Continue reading

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Freemasonry seen by others

FREEMASONRY: an international organization whose principles are embodied in SYMBOLS and ALLEGORIES connected with the art of building and involving an oath of secrecy. The origins of the movement probably lie in twelfth-century Europe. There are two major divisions: the … Continue reading

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Freemasonry (values)

(Excerpt from a book by L.N. Carvalho) “Freemasonry is an human organization, of free men with good report. Freemasonry receive the good men, to turn them into better men.… Fremasonry works to the Glory of the Great” Architect of the … Continue reading

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Thoughts for 2016

Three or four thoughts for 2016. First Freemasonry is alive and incorporate, in every location, a facies aligned to the traditions of the society and distinctive cultures. In some societies, FM is more open and society-driven. In others more circumspect … Continue reading

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New Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of India

HS Ranauta inducted as 16th grand master of Grand Lodge of India. It is said that nobility of character needs to be trusted more than an oath and yes the Masons or the members of the Grand Lodge of India, … Continue reading

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New Lodges formed in England

New lodges formed to encourage Freemason boom The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Freemasons have been experiencing declining numbers in recent years, so new special interest lodges are being created to attract men to join the fraternity. In a bid … Continue reading

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­The Challenges that Freemasonry faces (A.M.A. Gonçalves)

The openness of the modern society, the demand for transparency and accountability in every institution, the proximity of media, and the awareness of citizens pose enormous challenges to contemporary freemasonry. In Anglophone countries the history of Freemasonry combines with the … Continue reading

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