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We are a Masonic Lodge, working in Macau, China, in the York Rite, a system of masonic degrees existing in the United States and Canada. We are a Masonic Lodge formed exclusively by men and obeying to the 12 Landmarks of Regular Freemasonry, namely the presence in Lodge of the Three Grand Lights of Freemasonry, the Square, the Compasses and the Book of the Sacred Law, and the directing of the works for the Glory of the Great Architect of the Universe.

O que somos?


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Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth

The basic principles of our Order.

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Alain de Keghel, “American Freemasonry”

Alain de Keghel avait publié chez Dervy en janvier 2015 Le défi maçonnique américain. Il vient d’en sortir aux Etats-Unis une traduction sous le nom de American Freemasonry, en version imprimée et en e-book, avec les soutiens des Grandes loges … Continue reading

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Masonic writer?

Part I — How to become a Masonic Writer overnightby Midnight Freemason ContributorSteven L. Harrison, 33°, FMLRRecently when a Brother asked what advice I might have for budding Masonic writers, the question took me off guard a bit. Even though … Continue reading

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Solidarity to Mexico

The terrible earthquake that stroke Mexico yesterday and caused more than 100 victims ask us to have in our minds and prayers our Brethren of Mexico, their families and the good people of Mexico. May God illuminate them help them … Continue reading

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Resuming activities

September is usually chosen for the return of Lodges to its Masonic activities. This is the usual practice in the North Hemisphere. Sun Yat Sen Lodge follows that tradition and our works will resume “strength and vigor” by the middle of … Continue reading

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Session of initiation in the Brazilian Rite

Via Na segunda feira dia 28 de agosto, uma radiante sessão magna de iniciação ocorreu na A.’.R.’.L.’.S.’. Guardiões da Arca nº 4348. Presidindo esta sessão estava o Venerável Mestre Eduardo Lecey, sessão esta que contou com a presença dos … Continue reading

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