Sun Yat Sen Lodge joins the United Grand Lodge of Portugal

After three years of working as an independent Lodge following the landmarks approved by the United Grand Lodge of England to the world of Freemasonry, Sun Yat Sen Lodge joins the United Grand Lodge of Portugal where becomes registered as number 8. The project of the founders to reinstall the regular traditional type of Freemasonry in the little enclave of Macau has become a reality. These were three years of hard work, collective spirit, determination, sacrifice and love for the August Order. It is the first Lodge of this new Portuguese Obedience that is determined to put on the right track the original project of those who abandoned the Grand Orient of Portugal in the 1990s to reinstalled the theist tradition of Freemasonry in Portugal. It is well-known fact that Macau was administered for more than 400 years by Portugal. From that time on the connection of the Portuguese people with the Chinse people become intensive and warm. It was not by hazard that we choose the name of Dr. Sun Yat Sen as the name of our Lodge. Dr. Sun was the first president of the Republic of China, a revolutionary fighting the Chinese Empire that had many contacts in Macau where he was received when he was persecuted by the Imperial authorities.  According to historical sources that refuge was eased by Portuguese Freemasons living in Macau that helped Sun Yat Sen to exercise his business as a physician.  That bond would remain for the future and would be consecrated through the existence of our Lodge. A harbour where Freemasons of different nationalities become part of the same Masonic family. The attribution of number 8 to our Lodge, a number so dearly appreciated in the Chinese culture, is a recognition of our effort and dedication. The Sun Yat Sen Lodge is greatly grateful and recognised to the Most Respectful Brother Paulo Cardoso, the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Portugal for receiving us in the Obedience.