A time for Summer holidays


Lodge Sun Yat Sen is going to suspend its activities for the Summer holidays, this year a little earlier than usual, because of two main reasons: the very warm weather that is striking Macau, on this June; the need for our Brethren, who are expatriates, to travel abroad to be with their families and have a very praiseworthy leave. The Lodge has fulfilled its objectives under the current leadership; new officials are been installed in their positions. We will resume our activities after Summer. This year 2017 [6017 in our own numbering] all the Masonic World has been concentrated in the commemoration of the 300 years of the Grand Lodge of London and Macau Freemasons will associate happily with this very considerable and international event. A time has come, as  everywhere, for the Masons to talk about what they do, what values bring them together as Fraternity and why they are a very discrite society. To this claim for a more open and transparent civil society we will respond positively. In the proper time, we will publicize that event and have everyone who looks to know a little more about Freemasonry may come and assist. A fine Summer holidays for everyone.

Lancaster Lodge [Portugal] receives visitors

We had a wonderful week in Portugal visiting Lancaster Lodge and their Ladies Festival. Its magical what sunshine, friends, and wine can do. Here areLancasterLodge the pictures from the Ladies Evening, we had a lot of fun. Via Bob Summers.

Lancaster Lodge is an English Lodge meeting in Portugal and is under the Jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodge of England [UGLE]

François Gruson receives the Great Award of Masonic thesis from the Supreme Council of France

Francois GrussonVia Hiram.be

Le Suprême Conseil de France vient d’attribuer le prix de thèse 2017 sur la Franc-Maçonnerie à Monsieur François Gruson. Ce prix sera remis mercredi 21 juin dans les locaux parisiens du Suprême Conseil de France par le Souverain Grand Commandeur du Rite Ecossais Ancien et Accepté Claude Collin.

LE TEMPLE MACONNIQUE : Forme, type et signification est une recherche qui réalise un corpus de 700 exemples de temples sur la planète. Quel rôle joue l’architecture dans la scénographie des rituels ? Quelles limites et quels invariants ? Doit-on parler du bazar des styles ? Cette étude permet tout d’abord de revisiter les notions de type et de modèle, et de proposer l’esquisse d’une théorie de la concrétion, dans laquelle la forme de l’espace architectural serait comprise comme le résultat d’une pratique ritualisée de l’espace.