French Grand-Master attacked in Paris

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“Unfortunately, the age-old accusation that Freemasonry is some sort of evil Jewish plot to do…something…still lives on around the world, and flourishes, in particular, in parts of Europe. In France, anti-semitism is on enough of an increase that an alarming number of French Jews have decided to emigrate to Israel and elsewhere instead of dealing with growing threat levels in their own country. Along with that has come what appears to ge a growth of anti-Masonic sentiment, as well.”

Masonic books exhibition at Brussels

Sympathy of the blog

L’organisation de la 3ème Journée du livre Maçonnique de BruxellesMasonica, qui aura lieu le dimanche 3o avril dans les locaux du Grand Orient de Belgique de la rue de Laeken à Bruxelles est maintenant quasi bouclée.

Comme l’écrit Jiri Pragman, le commissaire du Salon, dans son propos de présentation sur le site Masonica 2017, Masonica est une manifestation ouverte unique en Belgique. Elle permet de découvrir la production de livres maçonniques et, à leurs auteurs, de dédicacer leurs ouvrages, d’intervenir lors de tables rondes.

A ce jour 42 auteurs ont annoncé leur présence (voir ici la liste), 7 tables rondes sont prévues : « La franc-maçonnerie est-elle une secte ? », « Comment devenir franc-maçon ? », « La franc-maçonnerie, ça vous fait rire ? », « Tout est symbole, qu’ils disaient ! », « Comment la franc-maçonnerie vient aux femmes ? », « Théories du complot & antimaçonnisme », et « Peut-on être franc-maçon et pratiquer une religion du Livre ? ».

Why are we going to the meetings?

meetingSympathy of the Midnight Freemasons.

“If you don’t have to do a part in the degree, why are you going, again?”– That’s a question someone recently asked me, actually it was my wife. We were walking up the stairs as I was telling her my schedule for the week. “I have nothing on Monday or Tuesday, but Wednesday I have to do an Official visit, Thursday I have Scottish Rite rehearsal, Friday I have another Official visit to conduct and Saturday, at 8:30 in the morning I need to be at a lodge for two second degrees.”

With all that going on, I can see where she was coming from. We’re all so busy and it seems like at a point, if you don’t have to be somewhere, then sit back and take a break. This is undoubtedly what she was thinking. But then she asked me that question, “If I don’t have a job to do, why go?” My answer was simply, “Because these guys are friends.”…….

Masonic Wisdom

wisdom-green-sign“For a moment, clear your mind and think. Think that in order for a winner to exist there is an intrinsic need of one or many losers to exist. The old expression “win win situation” is naïve or pure rhetoric.

One of the “greatest” “human sins” is envy. Is the need we all have for comparison. In order for us to feel good or special we need someone to be in a lower position or be “defeated”. The comparison is so necessary that when our neighbor has some good that we do not have or that is bigger, better, or more desired, our tendency is to envy him. We hurry to run to overcome the other, to have what the other doesn’t.

When we tirelessly feed this pernicious logic we become more and more self-centered, selfish, and dehumanized. The Masonic paradox of subduing our instincts comes precisely from another logic: “to become more humane we need to love more and envy less”.