District Grand Master Peter Smith talks about his plans to South Canterbury



Lifting the veil of secrecy and misconceptions is a priority for the new leader of South Canterbury masonic lodges.
District Grand Master Peter Smith hopes to change New Zealanders’ perception of the Freemasons during his three-year tenure.
Smith planned to be “more open and speak up about what we do”.
“We have nothing to hide,” Smith said.
“In the past, no one would talk about it.”
It was not a secret society, but it was a society with secrets, particularly about Freemason ceremonies, he said.
About 7000 New Zealanders are Freemasons in 225 lodges across the country.
These lodges are divided into 18 Masonic district. Smith oversees the Midland district, located between the Rakaia and Waitaki rivers, which has between 300 and 400 members.
He is responsible for supervising and managing the affairs of the district lodges as well as having other ceremonial duties.

Freemasons Convene to Establish Grand Lodge in the Virgin Islands


Hundreds of Freemasons and members of the Order of the Eastern Star from around the world convened on St. Croix Saturday to celebrate establishing the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the Virgin Islands – incorporating lodges from the mainland and overseas.
Until now, members of the organization’s local lodges on St. Croix and St. Thomas were affiliated with grand lodges in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Maryland, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. The V.I. Grand Lodge includes eight lodges from those areas.
Gov. Kenneth Mapp and V.I. Brig. Gen. Deborah Howell greeted the 247 men in tuxedoes and women in royal blue gowns at a luncheon on Saturday at the Renaissance St. Croix Carambola Resort and Spa.
Grand Master Alvin K. Wilkins, Freemason most worshipful grand master, addresses the newly established Prince Hall lodge on St. Croix.
Guest speaker Sen. Novelle Francis, Jr., talked about Virgin Islands history and its freedom fighters. He said that “our humanity transcends race and culture,” especially now, while the “nation is in turmoil.”
He also spoke about the importance of serving the community, especially youth.
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The Illuminati of Baveira and the Freemasons. Conference.


Illuminés de Bavière et franc-maçonnerie
L’association Culture Populaire propose une conférence sur les Illuminés de Bavière — ou Illuminati — et franc-maçonnerie le dimanche 11 décembre 2016 à 16h.

Les trois conférenciers s’efforceront de faire comprendre les mécanismes et la tournure d’esprit de ces sociétés :
Sébastien Jean, essayiste sur les Illuminés de Bavière, qui démystifiera la figure des Illuminati dont le nom est galvaudé, et dévoilera leurs rapports avec la franc-maçonnerie.
Jean-Claude Lozach’meur, historien et professeur émérite à l’Université de Rennes, tentera de rendre intelligible la finalité de la franc-maçonnerie à travers son secret auquel de nombreux mythes font référence.
Karl Van der Eyken, ancien Vénérable Maître de la Grande Triade (Grande Loge de France) dans laquelle il a passé 22 ans, apportera son précieux témoignage et expliquera, notamment, l’escroquerie de la maçonnerie dite « chrétienne et traditionnaliste » s’opposant à celle dite « laïque et progressiste ».

Second session ‘From noon to midnight’ 3 December at Lodge St. Jean d’Ecosse


2ème Journée « de midi à minuit » le 3 décembre à St. Jean d’Ecosse

il n’est pas toujours facile de se déplacer, même pour une occasion exceptionnelle, nous le savons bien. Et nous restons attachés à nos règles traditionnelles concernant l’accueil de nos Sœurs, mais que vous puissiez ou pas participer à cette journée, il nous a semblé important de vous en tenir informé. C’est une initiative exceptionnelle, que nous renouvelons pour la seconde année consécutive, et qui permet de découvrir les rites pratiqués par nos loges respectives (dans la limite des places disponibles).

Le Samedi 3 décembre aura lieu à l’hôtel de la Grande Loge de France, 184 bd Rabatau, à Marseille (13010), dans le grand Temple Daniel Matalon, une cérémonie intitulée de « midi à minuit » faisant intervenir 4 obédiences réunies pour une journée rituélique exceptionnelle : GLDF, GLAMF, GLIF, GLTSO.

http://www.hiram.be/blog/2016/11/30/2eme-journee-de-midi-a-minuit-3-decembre-a-st-jean-decosse/#xdlAiGpfXX3rle0w.99 了解详情

Our 26th meeting


Yesterday, we had our 26th session and it was a fine masonic meeting, repeating a tradition we got from our ancestors. Two very nice work of architecture, one about symbolism and another about the duties and obligations of a Fellowcraft. They received great applause from the collective of the Brethren. We are reaching the third year of operation and the lodge is consolidating itself steadily, with preserverance. Gratitude to all that are making it possible.esquadro-e-compasso

Masonic book exhibition [Paris]


One of the great masonic events in France is the Masonic Book Exhibition this 19-20 November at the following address: 19-21 Rue Boyer. Below some flashes of the program which includes interesting debates. Among the participants several highly regarded figures of French Freemasonry like Alain Pozarnick, Jean-Pierre Servel, Philippe Charuel, Alain Michon, Alain Roussel, Roger Dachez ou Marie-Thérèse Besson. 15073533_1825736544307278_5471909395945846032_n

The two John [Baptist and Evangelist]



The two John have a special meaning for us Freemasons. In a way they complete each-other. The foundation of our Craft was done in a St. John’s day almost 300 years ago. That time of the year is the time usually chosen by most of Obediences to commemorate their foundation. It is a festive time in the year.