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Freemasonry (values)

(Excerpt from a book by L.N. Carvalho) “Freemasonry is an human organization, of free men with good report. Freemasonry receive the good men, to turn them into better men.… Fremasonry works to the Glory of the Great” Architect of the … Continue reading

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Mosaic Pavement

The Mosaic Pavement, or chekered floor is similar to a chessboard and consists of black and white squares. It can be seen on the floor in the centre of the lodge it symbolizes duality and how opposites contradict and complement … Continue reading

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Degrees (From an original text by Rizzardo da Camino) Initially, Masonry was considered operative, i.e. was dedicated to the manual work. Later it concentrated in improving the knowledge through an intellectual approach, becoming the symbolical or speculative freemasonry. Finally, masonry … Continue reading

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Thoughts for 2016

Three or four thoughts for 2016. First Freemasonry is alive and incorporate, in every location, a facies aligned to the traditions of the society and distinctive cultures. In some societies, FM is more open and society-driven. In others more circumspect … Continue reading

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