Mosaic Pavement

The Mosaic Pavement, or chekered floor is similar to a chessboard and consists of black and white squares. It can be seen on the floor in the centre of the lodge it symbolizes duality and how opposites contradict and complement each other. The Masonic tradition is that the floor of the Temple of Solomon was decorated with a mosaic pavement of black and white stones. Another inerpretation can be found in this passage in the Gospel of Saint John 13 “when Pilate, therefore, heard that saying, he brought Jesus forth, and sat down in the judgement-seat in a place that is called Pavement, but in Hebbrew, Gabbatha”. From an original text by Sabin LLiev.

Mosaic Pavement


Strukture FM

Degrees (From an original text by Rizzardo da Camino)
Initially, Masonry was considered operative, i.e. was dedicated to the manual work. Later it concentrated in improving the knowledge through an intellectual approach, becoming the symbolical or speculative freemasonry. Finally, masonry re-centred in the intellectual and it became called philosophical.
According to the ability of every worker, inside his art, the Operative Masonry was divided in degrees. Presently, fulfilled the symbolical phase of the three first degrees, other degrees came into place, according to each rite, and can extend through seven or ninety nine degrees.
There are initiated degrees and communication degrees in Freemasonry.
The university was the outcome of the first corporations and to reach the top of instruction, the ‘student’ needed to go through several trainees, always in progression. This is called the degree.
Since the Initiation, the initiated becomes a plentiful mason, but with the systematic progress and the accumulation of knowledge, the worker cling the stairway of the degrees until he reaches ‘ the vertex of the pyramid’. He becomes the Master of Masters.
Even in the condition of Entered Apprentice, the Freemason should aspire to elevate himself and with zeal and perseverance, evolve along the rite until he acquire the maximum knowledge and being well-positioned in the mastery to become the Master of his Brethren.

Thoughts for 2016


Three or four thoughts for 2016. First Freemasonry is alive and incorporate, in every location, a facies aligned to the traditions of the society and distinctive cultures. In some societies, FM is more open and society-driven. In others more circumspect and group-driven. English, Irish and Scottish Lodges  are referenced in activities and initiatives aiming to connect them to the communities they serve. Charitable initiatives are customary in these constituencies as FM fills a gap that is usually filled, in the Catholic world, by the institutions of the Roman Church or close to it. But an effort to attract new members is noticeable, and a new generation is coming in. Freemasonry needs new members that may rejuvenate the project and the lodges. But is not solely a question of members but also of new views. One cannot assume, in the second decade of the 21st century, that younger generations pursue the same cardinal values of older generations. The newcomers are more open to the world, more akin to the new technologies, to the Internet. They participate, regularly and actively, in the social media, they use the Messenger and Twitter fluently. Another characteristic is that there are frankly open to a greater role of women and sexual minorities in contemporary societies. They praise equality of gender and non-discrimination, whatsoever. Something that is looked with major reservations by older generations. We cannot demand them to live by the standards we lived and organize ourselves. It would pretentious and authoritarian. If not ridicule. FM is a traditional institution and needs time to adapt to the new tendencies of the modern date. To new ideas. Some will say that is declining in purpose and membership and would disappear sometimes, in the future. Others will say that FM needs to stay without changes and any sort of modernization. These conclusions may be fantastical but a lot needs to be done to keep the Fraternity walking along to where the world is coming to. The danger here is ossification and lack of spirit.