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Alain Pozarnik

Pour l’ancien Grand Maître de la Grande Loge de France, qui pratique désormais dans un atelier maçonnique basé en Corse, l’initiation n’a pas pris une ride. À la clé, un perfectionnement de l’homme censé bénéficier à la société… Pour de … Continue reading

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Freemason membership records spanning 190 years go online

Records of two million members of the secretive Freemasons have been published online, showing that its members during Britain’s imperial heyday included Winston Churchill, Oscar Wilde and Rudyard Kipling. Membership records from 1733 to 1923 — mainly in Britain and … Continue reading

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The masonic response to hate and extremism

The recent atacks on Paris have awaken an enormous surge of solidarity worldwide. Different Masonic Obediences had manifested their sorrow and revolt about those bloody events and the lost of almost two hundred human lifes, in those hiddious acts. Religion … Continue reading

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Quase um ano

Cumpre-se daqui a pouco quase um ano de actividade maçónica ritualista da LOJA SUN YAT SEN e os propósitos iniciais estão a ser cumpridos. Nalgumas ideias. Dar consistência a um projecto maçónico que possa perdurar independentemente dos desenvolvimentos circustanciais das … Continue reading

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International Masonic Order of Delphi (USA)

Brotherly love, belief, truth, temperance, fortitude, prudence, justice these are far more potent to human development, to human relations, to human life, than are the rules of science. It is simply a question of physical of spiritual values. ~ L. … Continue reading

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