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Chain of the Union

In the European Continental Freemasonry to the same extent as in Latin-America’s Craft, exists a tradition to do the closing of the meeting with a certain simbolical colelctive gesture by the members of the Lodge (and visitors). That simbolic gesture is called ‘chain of the … Continue reading

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The columns are the foundations of any edifice. The stronger they are, better are the conditions for the building to stand proudly in the line of the horizon.

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Square and Compasses (Pregrag Kostrov)

Via Pregrag Kostrov. ‘L’equerre et le Compas en hebreu signifie : un angle droit, et diviseurs (eveet yishera vemechooga), et le symbole “G” au milieu represente la lettre hebraique Gimel avec sens de grace, de bonte, ou bienveillance. En gematrie … Continue reading

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The Gavel and the Chisel

These two tools are used to impose the worker’s will on a block of stone. Masons strike their chisel with the gavel to create the shape that they imagine for the stone. The gavel is associated with the active will. … Continue reading

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What is a Freemason

It is important to ackowledge what made us a Brotherhood. Sympathy of Bro: Ray Napier.

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