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Nice reading on what Freemasonry is and is not

A book that sheds new light on a large spectrum of topics relating to FM, such as history, jewels, York rite, Scottish rite, misunderstandings of Freemasonry and other interesting issues. Chapters of interest: what is FM?; the inner workings of … Continue reading

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Freemasonry and Book of Sacred Law

Although Freemasonry has some points of contact with religion and religiosity is not a religion although some institutional religions still insist it is. Part of this insistence comes from misunderstandings in what spirituality is and how Freemasonry pursues a spiritual … Continue reading

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The Master of the Lodge

by A.M.A. Goncalves The Worshipful Master is, in any Masonic organization, the guardian of the tradition and of the Masonic law and a reference for the Brothers. He represents the history of the Lodge and embodies the causality of its … Continue reading

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All-Seing Eye

The ‘All-Seeing Eye’ is an important Masonic symbol. It represents rhe omnipresence and watchfulness of the Supreme Being (or God). ‘The eyes of the Lord are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good’ (Proverbs 15:3). It … Continue reading

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The letter G

The Masonic letter G  reminds us that our every act is done in the sight of the Great Architect of the Universe.   “By letters four and science five, this “G” aright doth stand, in due Art and Proportion; you have your answer, … Continue reading

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by Bro:. Placido (M:.M:.) One of the fundamental characteristics of pedagogy work in Freemasonry lies in the use of the symbol as a way of communication and the representation of concepts and useful ideas of the old medieval builders. If … Continue reading

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